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Noella Ingabire

Sales Representative

Noella arrived in Canada in 1997 with her older brother after escaping the horrible genocide in her home country of Rwanda, which saw almost one million people killed. In less than 3 months life was never the same. Noella lost uncles, cousins, aunts, classmates and family friends. Her journey to start a new life in Canada, despite being here without her parents. Noella focused on her education by finishing High School in St Catherines and completing a diploma in Fashion at Seneca College. She worked for many retail clothing companies, but even though she enjoyed the fashion industry, something was missing. She was introduced to Real Estate in 2004, right away she knew she could make a difference in people's lives. As a young girl, Noella's father was a successful builder in Kigali, Rwanda who built some of the most prominent buildings in the city until the genocide changed it all. Noella fell in love with homes at the tender age of 11, Noella used to spend afternoons with her father at construction sites and work weekends at her mom's restaurant. Noella is passioned about business and serving others, If she does not have an answer, she knows someone else who does.